Best Cold Weather Boots for Winter – Reviews and Buying Guide for 2018

The winters are the time for boots when the people just love them like anything they like to wear them by watching with their jackets, sweaters, dresses. The boots available in winters are also of various types you will find them loaded with fur, woolen stuff, leather, etc. But in winters every footwear shop keeps a collection of boots with them. There are many option and big stores online, as well through which you can buy the boots online and have a look at the variety they can offer to you.

When you need to buy the boots for the cold weather then you need to know that synthetic hiking and ordinary leather cannot be used to buy the cold weather boots. The boots specialized for cold weathers have soft uppers, synthetic soles, thick rubbers and the insulation that are installed is removable and is equipped with thick insoles just to prevent the respective heat loss of ice and snow. The buckles or lacing system and flexible uppers also make them wear on pairs of socks with the flexibility of fitting them in. The user should note that the socks should not be squashed down too much as the trapped air serves as a real insulator.

While roaming in cold weather the boots are quite helpful and keep you warm and you can perform various activities at a low temperature. If you are going for a mountaineering session or something like that then you require some special boots while you can proceed with the others as the casual ones. If you look forward to standing in the cold mountains the boots can help you out in making the same possible for you. But do remember they will be heavy and bulky in all the conditions to create a warm temperature inside. The insulation is said to have wide uppers and also hefty sole so that cold can be kept away.

Best Cold Weather Boots for Winter

Let’s learn more about the winter boots.

Types of Winter Boots Available

  1. Pac Boots: They are generally classified as one of the winter boots with thick lower shell made up of rubber. The upper part of the Pac boots is made up of the heavy-duty Nylon, any durable material and leather. The rubber shell that is attached to the Pac boot is waterproof, but you need to know the upper that is water-resistant or waterproof depending upon the material and construction of the boots. You can find the boots with insulating liner and it can be removable at times and you can opt for the fixed one as well. They are designed for keeping the feet at a comfortable position so that the harsh winter weather can be tackled. These boots, works best for ice fishing and other drive away activities. The users find the boots having removable liners much convenient as the liners, dry out much faster than other attachments.
  2. Winter Hunting Boots: They are one of their kind as they are quite light and you will find them as less bulky too. They include Gore-Tex® for waterproof protection. The winter hunting boots are not as warm as Pac boots as there is less insulation. If you want to have the warmth of the winter period, then do look forward to having Pac boots as the winter hunting boots are just for travelling purposes.
  3. Snow Boots: They are a kind of insulated boots that provides you protection from ice and snow. They do not possess any lower shell made up of rubber. You will find them equipped with various fashionable features like shearling linings, fur cuffs etc.
  4. Winter work boots: They are normal winter work boots, but are built with a bit heavy and durable leather. They are built with extra insulation to be inserted into the footbed so that protection from cold can be provided.
  5. Casual Winter Boots: They are not the ones that can offer you the warmth that you are seeking for as they are the casual one and are more bend towards the city walking sides. They are made up of less rubber and more suede and leather. They are built as one of the lower profiles too and the same is more amenable for the walking purposes only.

Tips for Buying Winter Boots

  • Whenever you look forward to buying winter boots for yourself, then do look forward to the activities that you will be performing with them. Depending upon the activities only you can choose the right boots for yourself.
  • If you are looking for hiking, winter boots then they are also a good option for long walks on the hillside and in shallow ice.
  • If you are going into deep snow and in sub-freezing conditions than the heavy-duty Pac boots are one of the best ones to deal with.

Best Cold Weather Boots for Winter

Buying Guide for Cold Weather Boots

  • Insulation Types


If you consider the structure of the boots, then you will find that they have insulators stuffed between the outer and inner shell of the boots. And nowadays most common insulators are the synthetic ones. Thinsulate and Primaloft by 3M are one of the best synthetic insulations that are in the market. They mark their presence not only in boots, but they are used in stuffing in jackets, ski boot, and gloves. They are quite light weighted and non-bulky and even the boots are wet they are insulated. The North Face (Heatseeker), have Proprietary synthetic insulations and Omni-Heat, from Columbia, do offer competitions. They are an indicator of warmth. If you see the boots, then you will find that they are used from 200 to 400 grams in the boots.

Sheepskin and Felt Linings

Some of the boots eschew the modern technology and look for warmth to be taken from sheepskin or felt and it is included in Sorel Caribou. For stuffing in bulks, the insulation can be quite effective at times. Unlike insulation like the synthetic one the felt and sheepskin does get wet but they do insulate. Most of them are removable so that you can dry them by the fireside and start using them again.


This is the third kind of insulation and if you are going in the direct touch of snow, then they are not considered as one of the best ones to be confronted by you. Moisture is said to spell downwards and affects the insulation of the boots.

  • Waterproofing

Nowadays, most of the snow boots that are available are waterproof, but if you find one that states that it is not, then you cannot judge them on the part as well. On research, you will find that some of the warmest boots have never been waterproof like Baffin Impact. The Boot like Baffin Impact is used only in extremely cold conditions so the waterproofing doesn’t have any direct connection with the warmth of the boots. For the weather conditions like wet snow or adverse cold weather the waterproof boots are a good idea, but if you reside near Canada or Midwest then you can invest in boots who are not fully waterproof.

  • Boot Height

The height of winter boots varies depending on the brand and your intended usage too. For the people who have shorter height, they can use over the ankle boots. The mid-calf boot offers an additional degree of protection from the wet and cold. The extra height does give you the advantage of protection to the feet to your mid legs. But before buying such boots do remember they should be easily taken on and off otherwise it can be a tedious task for you to wear them at times.

  • Lower and Upper Material of Boots

If we discuss exclusively cold weather boots we will find the rubber as one of the commonly used materials it is confined only to the lower part of the boots only. It does protect your toes and feet from moisture and the wind and can make your boot long lasting and durable. If you consider the downsides then you can see with rubber used can be stiff at times and the respective lack during the bend towards the ankle will be detrimental while you drive. In addition, another issue with rubber is that they do not breathe. At a milder temperature, also you will find your feet to be sweaty or when you are playing or doing any kind of hard work.

If you check out the upper portion of the boots, then you will find that they have a construction that resembles the hiking boots and uses most of the time either leather or nylon and at times both at different proportions. They do absorb the moisture from the snow unlike rubber and they look comfortable to be worn in. But they do breathe in.

  • Boot Grip and Outsoles

Snow Boots said to have distinct rubber compound and lug pattern than the other hiking boots. The respective compounds are much softer and don’t harden even when the temperature drops this helps in forming the grip of ice and snow. In addition, the various lug patterns formed by boots prevents the building of snow.

The boot outer soles are quite thick and do absorb energy so that feet can be isolated. Vibram has some headlines that are released lately by the arctic grip and that states that it is equipped to be used on icy and slippery surfaces.

  • Winter Boots Traction System

The boots that are said to be equipped with the genuine rubber material or having the leather or the waterproof boots are said to be one of the best to walk on ice. But if you check out in practical terms no rubber is equipped enough to take the responsibility of ice. As the boots tend to slip on ice, and this is quite common nowadays. And to avoid such circumstances only a device used for traction is used to make the winter boots. The traction device helps the boots in making proper grip around the ice to walk on at the user’s comfort.

Top 8 Winter Work Boots for Cold Weather

Columbia Bugaboot Plus III Omni-Heat

Columbia Bugaboot Plus III Omni-HeatThe boot is light and the users find the same as one of the comfortable ones in hiking and in snowshoeing. But being lighter doesn’t make them the week, they are quite tough and once bought and kept properly can last many seasons.

They do have the Omni heat technology installed in their boots and they are capable of keeping most of the teen’s feet warm while hiking or playing in the deep snow.

They stand quite reasonable for the people to buy, but some of the users also find them overly insulated though at a temperature of 30 degrees Fahrenheit.


Vasque Snowburban UltraDry

Vasque Snowburban UltraDryThe boot is quite trendy and loved by teens, especially when they go out for hiking, or just trekking too.

They can be put to use in everyday life due to their design and their waterproof, hiking grip, support makes them one of the best in the league of the winter boots.

The leather is fixed in the upper portion of the shoe and which, when mixed with the rubber sole of the boots gives a classy look to the boots and makes it a favorite of every teen.

If you are spending lots of time in deep powder or didn’t put into the gaiter yet, then you will find the length of the ankle on a lower side.


The North Face Chilkat III

The North Face Chilkat IIIDo you reside in a place where there is cold and snowfall all around the year, then the respective boot with fully waterproof features and 200 grams of insulation can be a great choice for you? The boot has a flexible upper and a lower ankle height, which serves as the best option for wearing the same while going out. They cannot be worn on a daily basis. And just need to have a look when you are going on any vacations with your family or friends.

They are quite reasonable to buy and are easily available also but their insulation is not enough for the people who are active outside. But their good looks have taken a strong fan following of them and people like to give them a shot every winter season.


Sorel Caribou Boots

Sorel Caribou BootsA boot cannot have any classier structure as this one. They look good on the person who wore them.

They have 9mm felt attached, also have rubber wrap around and on the upper side has the stout leather attached. Most of the players in the market utilize the synthetic to lower down the cost and the bulk import too. But Sorel uses the throwback lining for better insulation and also soft cushion on the interior side of the boots.

If your boots get wet in the deep snow, then they have the facility to remove the linings and it will help them in keeping their feet dry.

The Sorel boots were used to be made in Canada, but now the setup has been transferred to China. But this whole fiasco hasn’t affected the quality of the boots made up of.


Ahnu Northridge

Ahnu NorthridgeA bit new to the market Ahnu is grabbing the market share quite quickly due to its stylish looks. They do have the line of shoes for men and women and the colors for both of them differs as per their genders.

They provide the kind of casual looks that you are looking forward. They act well too, if the temperature goes below the freezing point for you.


Northside Kathmandu Snow Boot

Northside Kathmandu Snow BootThe stylish Kathmandu snow boots are known for their cuff pattern with faux fur and metal eyelets.

The teens and women find the pull on boots really interesting to be worn in parties, functions, celebrations, etc. they are warm, but if you stand in a place for hours then they lose their consistency.

They are available in various colors to buy out and match with your dresses.


Sorel Tivoli III

Sorel Tivoli IIIThey are shorter in size and women really like to wear. If you are buying for your younger sister, then it can be one of the best combos that she can have it in her wardrobe.

They are not very warm and that’s been why not a suitable option if you want to go for hiking or on adventurous rides, but yes you can carry them with you on walking through the streets or in spring season or when the cold starts or is mild.


UGG Australia Adirondack II

UGG Australia Adirondack IIIf you love full grain leather and sheepskin lining to be paired and be worn in winters then these are the ideal shoes for you as they can offer you all of them in a decent deal.

Its best known among women as they look beautiful and for the same, it is reviewed again and again, you can wear it with the cuff down and up at times if you want the extra coverage of your legs.

If you take good care of the leather from outside then it will be great to wear them for a long term. As they have a long life and you just need to keep them in a good shape. They are warm at lower temperatures as well and can be paired easily with any of your dresses.


The boots are of the different kind you just need to choose the one that looks good on you and fits well in your pocket too. There are many online platforms to help you out nowadays if any boots run out of stock in one, you can easily look forward to the other platform and place your order with them. The boots are loved by people of all the age groups as they can be paired with almost all the dresses but they are best used to keep your feet warm in winters. There are many boots that you can wear in summer as well. And there will be no sweat, but the cold weather boots have their own charm at a place you will find the bulky ones. Taking a step forward through them can be a bit tough, but in cold weather condition, the war boots are the only saviors.

Do not just rest your judgment in style, try to look for the one that is made up of good leather and have been used by people from all over the world. There are many brands that are quite famous so doing a research on them on the kind of collections that they are offering to their clients it will help you in taking the right decision. The winter boots keep up is also very important as they are not easy to buy every year. So, when the year passes you need to know how you can upkeep them for your wellbeing. Do store them in a dry place and there are also professional instructions that are written on the box of the boots as they also depend upon the material of which you have bought. So, take care of them accordingly.

Women and Men in winter weather are often seen in boots. Before opting the best one for you, do a check on the reviews posted online about the brand this will give you a deep insight about the customer base which they are attracting and how the people are reacting to their products. The boots shopping can result with the best if you take care of your priorities and know which kind of boots you want. So, do look for the ones that are made for you and fulfil all your winter conditions and then place your order.

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