Top 5 Best Work Boots for Concrete – Reviews and Buying Guide for 2018

If you are a worker at a construction site or perform any sort of labor that involves you being in contact with concrete then you should look for special kind of boots that not only offer you the comfort and protection a normal shoe does, but also should have the additional protection from concrete.

This also provides greater stability and makes it easy for you to wash your boots as well. We have listed the top 5 best work boots for concrete. We think are the best for concrete and fit the criteria we have set. After reading about all these boots you should have a good idea about the market and what distinguishes these boots from each other. If you are looking to improve your quality of work and your comfort, within your budget then you should further look up these boots and make sure if they are the right ones for you.

Top 5 Best Work Boots for Concrete

Things to Consider

  • Shock absorption

When dealing with hard concrete you should look for boots that provide you with a good amount of shock absorption. You should also make sure if the soles have proper rubber insoles for work boots and outsoles so that the shoes absorb shocks and are also more resistant to friction.

  • Water proofing

You should always choose waterproof work boots so that when dealing with wet concrete your feet are not in contact with the slurry wet concrete. No boot can actually be completely water proof as water vapor can go inside. What you should expect from good manufacturers, however, is to use some ingenuity. The boots consists of a membrane that lets air go in and out for breathability. This membrane needs to be designed so that liquid water does not go inside and water vapor does not accumulate on the inside of the boot.

  • Durability

This depends on the materials that the manufacturer has used and also the way the boot has been constructed; the upper is either made of full-gain leather (normal leather), split-gain leather (a combination of nylon and leather) and synthetic leather (nylon, polyester or some other kind of synthetic material). Good materials are of no use if they have not been put to use properly. A good boot should also not be prone to abrasions or else its grip will wear off. The grip wearing off is not good news because that’s what prevents the wearer from slipping.

  • Design

You should also make sure that the shoes have a good support for the toes and ankles, this will maximize in protecting your feet from harm. Good work boots for concrete should be made of light weight materials so that you can wear them for long hours without long term injury. The material that the manufacturer uses has great impact on the comfort of the boots.

  • Breathability

Your boots should have enough fresh air going inside them so that your feet remain dry and are in contact with fresh air, otherwise you’ll sweat and this will be a haven for microbes, resulting in body odor and even conditions like athlete’s foot.

Top 5 Best Work Boots for Concrete

Top 5 Best Work Boots for Concrete

Georgia Boot Wedge Work Boot

Georgia Boot Wedge Work BootDescription

These pull on work boots are designed specially to prevent any sort of work accidents and they do a great job at that. Very few brands can actually nail the wedge sole properly. Georgia is one of those few brands.

Design and Features

The Good Year welt construction allows greater strength and durability for the shoe. These boots can last you a good amount of time because the part that gets damaged the most, the outsole can be easily repaired when it starts breaking down. You do not have to worry at all when there are oils or chemicals on the floor because the soles have a grip that makes it extremely difficult for you to slip and it is also very unlikely that the oils or chemicals seep through the boots and get to your feet because the boots are built to protect your feet from any external threats.

These boots use high-quality leather that’s tough and durable, it’s 3 times stronger than the leather that is usually used to make work boots and it also supports abrasions. These boots are so comfortable from the inside that even when you’re walking on the hard concrete floor it seems like you’re walking on a mattress.


The Georgia Boot Wedge Work Boots’ specially designed grip will prevent you from slipping and which is a huge benefit that can prevent you from various potential. The price might be a high for some people, but the durability might be worth it. You should consider these boots if you want durability because they will last you long so the price might make up for itself because you won’t have to buy new boots every year.


Timberland PRO Endurance PR Work Boot

Timberland PRO Endurance PR Work BootDescription

Timberland offers a variety of quality products and Pro Endurance boots are no different from what the company’s reputation suggests. These boots are meant to be used as roughly as possible. To use these boots normally would be an insult to these boots. These steel toe work boots give the wearer such a high level of safety assurance that they are able to reach their optimal level of output.

Design and Features

The Pro Endurance has a steel safety toe that can protect the toes from any damage in the case where a heavy weight falls on your feet accidentally or something similar. The rubber outer sole works as a good shock absorber and makes it quite resistant to heat. The steel-flex plate is a flexible plate of steel on the sole that prevents anything sharp from entering the shoe and prevents your feet from any injury. The boots are made premium quality leather that is extremely tough and provides great comfort at the same time.

These boots have a polyurethane midsole that is intelligently designed such that its geometrical shape reduces the shock on the wearer’s feet. The shape of the midsole is shaped like a cone and it significantly reduces the wearer’s shock compared to the other. These boots have anti-microbial elements inside them that discourage the growth of the microbes that cause body odor.


These boots provide you with extra foot protection with its steel-flex plate technology and have anti-microbial elements that are unique to its design. However, these boots might feel for some people. So what you get is more protection for heavier boots.


Caterpillar Second Shift Work Boots

Caterpillar Second Shift Work BootsDescription

These boots have been around since a decade and there is a reason why they have endured all this time. The Second Shift is extremely cheap and offers both style and comfort. These boots are very firm and they don’t lose their shape easily. The main reason why these boots have been included in the list is because no other brand of boots offers this amount of comfort per unit dollar.

Design and Features

The insole is thin, but the contouring is extremely well done; a Goodyear welt sole provides further reinforcement and is the reason for the rigid build of the boots. You can spend a good amount of time standing and you won’t feel tired. These boots may be good, but the only complain I have is that they are a bit heavy. These boots are extremely easy to put on and take off. You have the option to either choose a steel toe or to not, whatever you choose the boots still have been made waterproof and you can walk on whatever chemicals and oils without any worries.

The position of the heel is such that ladders are easier to climb. The shoes may not be puncture proof, but they are strong enough to keep your feet safe even if the shoes might get punctured. This is however not exactly going to make them durable but it’ll get the job done. The waterproofing is good, but only good where the boots are above the water level. If the water is any higher then it just seeps through in.


These boots are quite durable and are made specifically for the purpose of working at construction. But over the years these boots haven’t exactly been the leaders of comfort there are many other boots available in the market that provide a greater amount of comfort. So in the end what you are getting is a reliable pair of boots, but not necessarily a great amount of comfort.


Wolverine Men’s Raider Work Boot

Wolverine Men’s Raider Work BootDescription

Wolverine is probably one of the most underrated boot manufacturers. None of the boots produced by Wolverine have been so bad that it isn’t worth buying them, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Most of the boots produced by Wolverine are extremely comfortable and durable and Wolverine has been a leader in innovation in the work boot market. Wolverine boots are known to have a variety of different and unique new features that work to increase the comfort levels.

Design and Features

These boots have been designed to maximize comfort during long shifts. This is done on the Raider through the (patented) multishox system. The insole has a comfort gel inside it that absorbs shocks and protects the feet from any damage. This design makes it ideal to wear on concrete. The area between the foot and the heel, the arch, is designed such that there is more movement by making it flexible. Since your foot is not restricted to one place there is greater amount of movement and hence a more active blood flow, allowing your feet to breathe properly. The foot and heel of the shoe feature multiple pressure pads. These are part of the shoe that come into contact with the floor. This provides a good amount of shock absorption for your feet.


The Wolverine Men’s Raider Work Boots are built excellent for working for long shifts and the reason that you can do that is because of their superior multishox design and the extra layer of protection that they’ve added in the soles that is unique to these boots.

However, where these boots are a let-down is waterproofing, Wolverine could have made these boots better by adding more water resistance, if not making them completely water proof, but instead they chose to focus more of their efforts on comfort alone. Therefore, the boots can be great for working long and they work well for hard surfaces like concrete especially well, but they aren’t perfect for wet environments.


Irish Setter Work Boots

Irish Setter Work BootsDescription

The Irish Setter is derivative of the popular Red Wing brand. These boots are made to last in all sorts of environments. Whether you’re standing on concrete, tiles or rough terrain you will be able to do so all day with minimum discomfort. The Irish Setter brand has been making work shoes since the 1950s and have never shied away from incorporating the latest technology in their boots to maximize comfort for their consumers.

Design and Features

These boots are made of red russet leather. The rubber extra thick wedge sole has a good amount of traction and a stubborn grip that will stay on many surfaces and will persistently not even move. The boots are lace up, they have durable metal eyelets and a polyurethane footbed. The Irish Setter boots don’t need any time to get used to, you can start feeling comfortable in them the moment you take them out of the box. The leather softens up further though as you wear the boots allowing more comfort and there is a padded collar and tongue that provide cushioning for the ankle that works well to prevent sprains and the leather from chafing your skin raw.

These boots don’t have steel toes but they are perfectly fine when you work around electrical equipment as the soles are properly insulated. The outsole is designed to withstand about temperatures up to 475°F which is usually enough to melt all other work boots, but here the Irish Setter stands undefeated. The boots are waterproof and will protect your feet from most liquids and water.


These boots are easily one of the most comfortable boots money can buy and they provide protection against a myriad of injuries as well. However, if you have not chosen the correct size then you are very likely to get dirt inside the boot. All in all, the rubber soles of the Irish Setter combined with the removable polyurethane footbed combine to give you a comfort level on concrete more than any other boots on the market.



In the end we have tried to look at all the things you need to consider before buying work boots and we have also looked at what all the boots have to offer in our list. We will try to objectively look at all the features of every boot and try to decide which boot is the best out of all of them.

We will look at each boots’ shock absorption, waterproofing, durability, design and breathability and we will give them a rating out of five. At the end we will give a final winner out all the boots that scores well at everything.

  • Shock Absorption:

Georgia Boot Wedge Work Boot: (4.3/5)

Timberland PRO Endurance PR Work Boot: (4.5/5)

Caterpillar Second Shift Work Boots: (3.9/5)

Wolverine Men’s Raider Work Boot: (4.8/5)

Irish Setter Work Boots: (4.7/5)

This round goes to Wolverine Men’s Raider Work Boot.

  • Waterproofing: Georgia Boot Wedge Work Boot: (4.2/5)

Timberland PRO Endurance PR Work Boot: (4/5)

Caterpillar Second Shift Work Boots: (4.6/5)

Wolverine Men’s Raider Work Boot: (4.1/5)

Irish Setter Work Boots: (4/5)

This round goes to Caterpillar Second Shift Work Boots.

  • Durability:

Georgia Boot Wedge Work Boot: (4.6/5)

Timberland PRO Endurance PR Work Boot: (4.2/5)

Caterpillar Second Shift Work Boots: (4.8/5)

Wolverine Men’s Raider Work Boot: (4.2/5)

Irish Setter Work Boots: (4.1/5)

This round goes to Caterpillar Second Shift Work Boots.

  • Design:

Georgia Boot Wedge Work Boot: (4.2/5)

Timberland PRO Endurance PR Work Boot: (4.4/5)

Caterpillar Second Shift Work Boots: (4.1/5)

Wolverine Men’s Raider Work Boot: (4.6/5)

Irish Setter Work Boots: (4.8/5)

This round goes to the Irish Setter Work Boots.

  • Breathability:

Georgia Boot Wedge Work Boot: (4.4/5)

Timberland PRO Endurance PR Work Boot: (4.5/5)

Caterpillar Second Shift Work Boots: (4.0/5)

Wolverine Men’s Raider Work Boot: (4.7/5)

Irish Setter Work Boots: (4.9/5)

This round goes to the Irish Setter Work Boots.

Final Verdict

The all-rounded best boots are, according to the scores, the Wolverine Men’s Raider Work Boot. These boots are amazing and give you and all-round best experience in terms of all the things you must consider. They aren’t very pricey and we think Wolverine deserves a shout out for designing these amazing boots. If you want a good bang for your buck then you should definitely get the Wolverine Men’s Raider Work Boot. You will be more productive at work, be safe from injuries and also look good at the same time.

We hope these top 5 best work boots for concrete help you make the perfect choice!


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