Best Lineman Work Boots – Reviews and Buying Guide for 2018

If you’re a lineman, you must know the importance of work boots that are durable and comfortable and allow you to climb easily on the poles. Lineman work boots should be sturdy and comfortable enough to allow the worker to perform their job properly and protect them from various hazards of the workplace.

Linemen are on their feet for long periods and thus, it is important to make sure they have durable and comfortable boots that make it easier to climb wooden electrical poles or towers. This post includes a buying guide and the reviews of the top 5 lineman work boots.

Best Lineman Work Boots

How to Choose the Best Lineman Work Boots

To buy the best lineman work boots, it is imperative that an informed decision is made. You must choose the lineman work boots after evaluating several options and factors that play an important role in the decision-making process. The first step is to determine your needs so that you can decide the type of work boots suitable for you. Following are some things to consider:

Safety Features

The most important feature to look for in a lineman work boot is whether it is able to protect you from the hazards of the work environment. It should be safe and reliable for climbing on poles and should keep your feet safe from electrical hazards. The best lineman work boots are designed specially to keep linemen safe from the dangers of climbing electrical poles. The following safety features should be present in your work boots if you are a lineman:


As a lineman, you need to climb huge electrical poles and be on your feet most of the time at your workplace. To protect yourself fully, you must go for those work boots which are waterproof. Waterproof work boots will protect you from dirt, water, and electrical hazards.


Since you need to climb wooden poles many times a day, you must have boots that offer good grip and traction while you climb. Boots that offer good traction make climbing easier and faster as compared to poor quality boots with no traction. Hence, traction and grip are another important factor to consider.

Protection from Electrical Hazards

Lineman work boots should be well insulated and protect you from electrical hazards. If the boots are waterproof and well-insulated, they can keep you safe from dangers like electricity, chemicals, oil, and water at the workplace.

Quality Outsoles

The lineman work boots need to have some of the best quality outsoles so that they can protect the feet and keep them comfortable at all times. The outsoles should have an ergonomic design and provide traction to the wearer for climbing and walking on irregular and slippery surfaces. They should also prevent the boots from sliding on wood or steel and should be durable enough to last for a long time.


Some people think that work boots should only be equipped with safety features and protect you from the hazards and needn’t be necessarily comfortable. Comfort is, however, one of the most important factors that need to be considered before choosing work boots. If you aren’t comfortable in your workplace, how are you going to perform your work with concentration?

To do your job with full focus, your feet must be comfortable. If your boots are irritating your feet, you won’t feel happy and content at your workplace and you’ll want to finish your work as soon as possible to avoid the discomfort. The lineman work boots should be equipped with adequate cushioning and support for added comfort.


Lineman work boots are very expensive and thus, one should make sure that they are durable enough. Most workers can’t buy work boots frequently and thus, they should invest in some quality work boots which can last for a long time. Some of the best quality work boots are durable enough to last for many years as they are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use.

As the lineman work boots are equipped with all the safety features, most of them are very durable and comfortable too. However, to get the best ones, you must consider the materials which are used in the construction of the work boots.

Easy to Break In

Another feature that should be considered is the ability of the boots to allow easy break-in. If the work boots have an easy and quick break-in feature, it can save you a lot of time and if you’re in a hurry to wear your new shoes, you won’t have to face any problems.

Support and Breathability

Lineman work boots that don’t provide good support and cushioning to the feet can cause fatigue and other physical problems such as tendonitis. As this work involves climbing and standing for long hours, the boots should be very supportive. In case the boots are made of poor quality and do not support the feet properly, it can lead to serious issues such as knee and hip replacement, shin splints, and vertebrae alignment issues. Hence, instead of spending on medical costs, you must invest in quality work boots.

Features That Differentiate One Work Boot from Another

There are different attributes that differentiate one work boot from another. Some main attributes are the boot’s weight, soles, and level of insulation. Some work boots are heavier than others because of the material being used. Work boots made up of steel are very heavy, but if your job requires using work boots made of steel, you must go for them as they are extremely important for protecting you.

Some boots are designed for hot climates, while others are suitable for colder climates, so you should decide accordingly. Soles are also used differently in various work boots, for example, some soles are designed to climb steel ladders, while others are more suitable for running or standing on the ground for long periods.

Best Lineman Work Boots

How to Care for Your Work Boots

Proper caring and maintenance of lineman work boots is extremely important as it can increase the life of your boots. If you have invested a lot in your work boots, you’ll want them to last for a long time and to keep them durable enough, you must care for them properly.

To care for your work boots, you must take care of the leather upper of the boots so that they appear as good as new and can remain functional for a long time. The most damaging thing that your work boots encounter on a regular basis is mud. If mud dries out on your boots, it will cause oil to seep out and dry out the leather to form cracks. Dried mud will also take more time to wash.

Always remember that you should never use any kind of detergent on leather; simple water will do the work. If you want perfect cleanliness, you can add some baking soda to the water and clean your boots with this mixture.

To dry your boots, you can put them under the sunlight or use a towel. After your boots have dried, you can apply protective wax such as natural bees wax which can keep your boots from being damaged by mold or bacteria. To use the bees wax, you can melt it in microwave and paint it on the boots. Coat the boots fully (cover the heel and sole areas too) and rub the wax using your fingers. Waxing can make your work boots look fresh and new and can make them function better too.

Which Boots Should You Get If You Are a Professional Lineman?

If you are a professional lineman, you can go for steel shanks. These boots are very durable and have double the strength as compared to other work boots. The steel shanks are very sturdy and provide adequate support to the lineman so that they can easily stand on irregular surfaces such as pole rungs.

Top 5 Lineman Work Boots

1. La Sportiva Makalu Mountaineering Boot

La Sportiva Makalu Mountaineering BootThe La Sportiva Makalu Boots are one of the most durable work boots on the market. They are designed for all types of linemen, so whether you’re just beginning your work or have been a professional for a long time now, you can try these boots to protect your feet.


These work boots are made up of high-quality leather and have a MtnFlex insoles for work boots and full steel shank that gives them strength and durability. The boots also consist of rollerball hardware which has steel eyelets. The D-lock rings make the lacing system more efficient and guarantee a snug fit to the wearer.

Another important feature of these boots is that they keep the feet dry and sweat-free and thus, they are ideal to be used in the summers. They are very durable and are designed to withstand the rigors of daily wear and tear. The midsole is also made up of air cushion and has a honeycomb heel grid which is very comfortable and flexible. As a lineman, you’ll find these shoes to be very comfortable and they’ll allow you to climb huge towers easily.


They are very long lasting and, thus, are a good investment.

They provide amazing comfort and support while climbing towers.

They are very sturdy and are still lightweight. This feature helps in climbing easily.

They keep the feet dry and cool.

They prevent ankle fatigue and sore feet.

The advanced lacing system provides a snug fit to the wearer.

They are warm enough to be used in winters too.


They aren’t waterproof.

They can get hot during the summers.


2. Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger 6'' Boot

Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger 6 BootRed Wing is a famous footwear manufacturer, and these boots are well-known among workers for their performance. They have a durable construction, great looks, and an amazing performance. These boots are equipped with amazing features to ease your job.


The Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger 6″ Boots have a full-grain upper and a reinforced cap toe to add to the sturdiness. Thanks to these features, the boots are very stable and allow the linemen to climb easily on the tower and poles. Wearing these boots, you will find yourself to be more active, alert, and comfortable at your workplace. The boots are slip-resistant and offer good traction and support to the wearer over slippery and irregular surfaces.

They are sturdy enough to protect you from heavy and sharp objects falling on your feet, and the tonal stitching and cap toe present inside the boots are thick enough to provide warmth and firmness to your feet. The boots are designed to provide adequate support and comfort to your feet. They perform to the fullest, but they are not completely slip resistant.


The boots look very stylish and are made up of premium quality leather.

The high-quality materials used in the construction have made them durable enough.

They can withstand the rigors of daily use.

They are equipped with adequate cushioning and arch support.


They are not completely slip resistant.


3. White’s Boots Men’s 400VLTT Smoke Jumper Boots

White’s Boots Men’s 400VLTT Smoke Jumper BootsThese boots are a bit traditional and can serve as the best companion at your workplace. They are amazing boots and were specially designed for firefighters. They are equipped with lots of features that make them the best boots for linemen.


These boots are 100% oil-, heat-, slip-, and water-resistant, which make them the most suitable boots for linemen. They are very durable and offer a guarantee of good quality used in the manufacturing. The outsoles are lugged Vibram and are slip resistant. These outsoles make it easier for the linemen to climb on various surfaces such as poles and towers. The upper is very breathable and the boots offer good arch and foot support. To improve the break-in, the upper is oil tanned too.


They offer excellent traction and grip for climbing.

They have all the safety features such as water and oil resistance.

The lacing system is very secure and easy.

The upper is breathable and keeps the feet sweat free.

They are versatile.


The break-in period is longer than other boots, so they can seem a bit uncomfortable at the start.


4. Hoffman Dri-Line 10'' Composite Boots

Hoffman Dri-Line 10 Composite BootsThe Hoffman Dri-Line Composite Boots are excellent for linemen as they are rated for electrical shock and safety. These shoes prove to be one of the best boots for linemen as they help them climb easily without having the fear of tripping or slipping.


The upper of these boots are made up of high-quality leather, which keeps the foot dry and protected in the rainy season. The water-resistant liner also protects the feet from being soaked. In terms of water resistance, these boots have the highest score and thus, they are ideal to be used in wet areas and rainy weather. According to various linemen, these boots helped them stand in the water for long time and didn’t let their feet get soaked. These boots are equipped with patented Hoffman double steel shank system to add support and cushion to the wearer’s feet.


They are waterproof and have a thicker outsole.

They have a Hoffman double steel shank system for easy climbing.

They have triple seams with a lock-stitched system.

They can keep the feet warm in the winters.


They are a bit heavy.

They don’t perform very well on the ground.


5. Wesco Highliner 16'' Lineman Work Boots

Wesco Highliner 16 Lineman Work BootsThese Wesco boots are very famous among linemen because of their safety features. They are suitable not only for linemen but for other workers too because of their versatility. The inner layer of these boots is very soft and smooth, and it keeps the worker at a comfortable level throughout the long working hours. These boots are ribbed and have an arched steel shank that is non-corrosive in nature. The heel breastplate is made up of metal, and this feature provides extra protection to the linemen for climbing.


They offer excellent arch support.

They are very sturdy as they are made up of quality leather.

Due to the smooth inner lining, they are very comfortable.

They are equipped with lots of safety features.


They are expensive.



Lineman work boots are very important considering their job requirements. The boots discussed here are all very durable and comfortable and packed with lots of safety features.

Our top pick is the La Sportiva Makalu Mountaineering Boot because it is lightweight as well as sturdy, which other work boots are not. Most of the work boots are on the heavy side, but the La Sportiva boots reviewed here are lightweight and durable. They deliver good value for money as well as provide good support and comfort to the feet. If you are looking for lineman work boots, this post will benefit you a lot.

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