Top 5 Best Work Boots for Flat Feet – Reviews and Buying Guide for 2018

Finding a pair of work boots that work for you is definitely a blessing in disguise. To have a pair which is comfortable and wearable throughout the day – that is a dream! If you are suffering from some sort of a foot pain or ailment like Plantar Fasciitis, or something like flat feet, then you need to look harder to find something that will support this condition and alleviate the pain.

Flat feet are a condition where the arches on your foot become flat and touch the ground directly when you stand. Some people may be born this way, while other may develop this condition later on which can be caused by various reasons like standing for long periods of time on hard surfaces, in pregnancy, wearing the wrong shoes, etc. It can be a big problem for those who have a strenuous working environment or have to stand all day in this condition all day, it the pain gets worse. The pain is usually in the heel or the arch of the foot and may even cause a swelling towards the ankle.

Such a condition may require a doctor’s visit, but most of the times, it can be helped through wearing the right type of work boots every single day which will reduce the pain and provide comfort to the feet.

Work Boots for Flat Feet

How to Choose the Right Work Boots

It can be a tough decision to choose the right work boot for yourself, given there are so many options, features, and designs in the work boots that are available in the market nowadays. It is of utmost importance that you buy the right type of boots for yourself or else your feet problems will just get aggravated and it can lead to serious problem as your pain in the feet can be transferred to your leg as well. There are some key factors that you should look for in the perfect type of work boot for yourself, these pointers are important especially for those who have a problem of flat feet.

  1. A Firm Sole

If you are suffering from flat feet then you need to invest in a pair of boots which have a strong, thick and firm sole that can provide flexibility to your feet so it would not hurt so much when you move around. It would also act as a soft cushion to your feet which would reduce the pain.

  1. Durability

The boots that you pick for yourself, you have to make sure they are made of good quality and are durable and reliable to protect your feet. Most of the boots are made up of leather or rubber, so when you are buying a pair of boots, make sure you buy from a known brand which deals with good quality leather only. If they are made of low quality, they will fall apart in no time.

  1. They should be comfortable

What is the point of having a top of the line work boot, with all possible features to look out for but is highly uncomfortable to wear? What if they do not fit right? You need to find a pair of boots which are the best fit for you and are comfortable to walk in, since you will be wearing them all day long and the purpose is to alleviate pain and reduce the discomfort.

  1. Arch Support

Arch support is very important when choosing the right work boot for yourself and especially if you already have a problem of flat feet. An arch of a foot acts as a natural shock as well as weight absorber. The boot should also contain a footbed or an insert curved upwards that it is able to mold the foot and absorb the impact of walking on hard surfaces.

  1. Heel

When buying the right type of work boots for yourself, always go for a medium sized heel. Low or flat heel provides absolutely no support for your feet, especially if you already have flat feet. Heels which are high can cause unnecessary pain and strain on your foot.

Work Boots for Flat Feet

We have reviewed and narrowed down a list of the best work boots that are available in the market which fits the specific requirements for those who have flat feet. This list is according to their features, durability, quality and performance.

1. Wolverine Men’s Buccaneer Boot

Wolverine Men’s Buccaneer BootThese work boots are one of the most solid and secure boots available in the market. They have a firm grip which gives a sense of protection to your feet and helps to alleviate pain.


These boots are equipped with multishox technology system with individual compression pads in the heels of the boot that absorbs the shock especially if you are walking on hard and concrete surfaces and it returns the energy to each step – you won’t find many better work boots for concrete.

Flexible Contour Welt

The work boot also has a flexible contour welt that adapts to your movement and makes you feel at ease. It provides maximum comfort throughout the day.

Key Features

These are made of imported leather which is of good quality.

Rubber sole keeps the feet firmly on the ground.

Ankle high boots gives maximum grip the feet.

Moisture managing mesh lining keeps sweating at bay.

Removable full cushion footbed

Wolverine is a well known brand name trusted for their durability.


These work boots are perfect for anyone who is suffering from flat feet since it provides cushioning and comfort all day long. Most customers who purchased these shoes though they were extremely comfortable while some people felt they do not have enough room for their toe movement and felt the fit was not right. It is always good to get a size that fits. Overall, most customers rated it as a five star product.


2. Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Steel Toe Boot

Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Steel Toe BootThese steel toe work boots are not only very stylish looking but are made keeping comfort and durability in mind. Caterpillar is a well known brand known for their quality and so these can be trusted to perform.

ERGO Comfort system

This system is especially designed to support the movement of your feet for stability, comfort and flexibility. The shapes of the boots are not flat, but provide a contour to the feet to support every step that you take.

Thermal Insulation

There is 200 grams of thermal insulation in these boots to keep your feet warm – this makes them great cold weather boots for winter. The chilly weather usually aggravate the pain and the aches in the body so having an insulated boot means it will keep your feet warm and protected.

Key Features

Nylon mesh lining keeps your feet sweat free and dry

Waterproofing on the boots keeps them safe from water and dampness

Removable perforated EVA with gel technology for greater cushioning

It has a slip resistant outsole for a steady walk.

It has a superWelt construction for forefoot flexibility.


Overall most of the customers who bought these shoes were completely satisfied with their purchase and recommended it. Most customers said it at such a price, it was value for money.


3. Redback Men’s Bobcat UBOK Leather Work Boot

Redback Men’s Bobcat UBOK Leather Work BootThese work boots are not just very stylish and good looking but also works well for the purpose they are intended for. These are highly comfortable and long lasting boots which are made of great quality leather.

Arch Support

These pull on work boots have a moderate arch support which is much needed for those who have flat feet. These boots are extremely comfortable as they have an elastic sided ankle, so the feet do not tire easily even when you are standing for long hours.

Thick Soles

The soles of these boots are about one inch thick which provides great cushioning and onsite protection for the feet.

Key Features

It has a synthetic sole.

It has a shaft measuring 6 inches from the arch.

It has a full length footbed.


Most customer were happy with these boots and commented that not only were these work boots good to look at but were also quite comfortable to wear all day long.


4. Rothco Deployment Men's work Boot

Rothco Deployment Men's work BootThese work boots are made of great quality leather and has a rubber sole. These are very stylish and comfortable boots that you can wear all day long easily.

ISO 9001 Certified

These boots meets the ISO certification requirements for work boots and are extremely comfortable, especially for people who have flat feet. It has a padded leather top part of the boot and a breathable mesh lining in the inside of the boot which gives comfort and keeps the feet dry.

Great Grip

These ankle length boots give a great grip on the feet and keep them sturdy, which is perfect if you have to stand long hours or have to walk on hard or concrete floors.

Key Features

Highly durable

Well known brand name “Rothco” which is reputable.

Rough and tough boots


These boots were not only very good looking to wear and most people liked the fact that they did not have the typical work boot look and were very stylish looking and extremely comfortable at the same time. Those people who had pain in their feet felt it was greatly reduced after buying these boots. Thus these are highly recommended.


5. Timberland PRO Men’s Soft Toe Boot

Timberland PRO Men’s Soft Toe BootLace Up Boots

These lace up boots provide comfort and support to your feet by providing a great grip on your feet by adjustable lace up shaft. It also has a padded collar for extra comfort.

Nylon Shock Diffusion

The boots are constructed with a nylon shock diffusion plate which provides support to your feet and keeps it firmly on the ground as well reducing fatigue and pressure from your feet. These boots are insulated with 200 grams insulation to keep your feet warm even in the chilly weather, as the pain in the feet tends to increase as it gets colder.

Key Features

Mesh lining on the boots prevents sweating and foul odor.

Antimicrobial treatment is applied on the insides of the boots.

Imported leather.

Rubber sole.

Timerberland is a known brand name for boots.

Electrical hazard protection.

Steel safety protection for the toes.


These boots are overall a great deal to buy especially if you are suffering from pain in your feet or from pains associated with flat feet as these boots are great in comfort and their extra cushioning on the sole helps to keep your feet from getting tired.


Final Thoughts

It is highly essential to understand your feet. What works for one person may not work for another. You might have a flat but a wider than other foot. You should wear boots which accommodate that and always wear the right size and measure your feet while standing as all your weight will be placed on your feet while you stand or walk and care must be taken that they are pressure free but has a steady grip.

Overall the above mentioned list will help you choose the right boots for your feet as well as the suggestions of the boots will help you choose the right one for yourself.

Our favorite pick from the above mentioned boots was the Wolverine Men’s Buccaneer Boot, as it was perfect in all aspects and had all the relevant and great features required for somebody with foot problems as well as for anybody who is looking for boots in order to protect their feet from foot problems.

Finally, it can be concluded that selecting the right type of boot is not easy and the best is to choose the one that will suit your needs in terms of your foot shape and size as well as your occupational requirements and keeping in mind the weather conditions as well. If you have all these in check, then buying the right pair will definitely be a breeze!


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