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How to Waterproof Your Boots

If you have just purchase a pair of boots and have discovered that they are not waterproof, then you would probably want to either return them, or if you cannot do that, then you would probably want to learn the different ways through which they can be made waterproof. Most boots are expensive and a […]

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Info Tutorial: How to Wash Work Boots

So you finally invested in a great pair of boots and you can’t stop wearing them since they are so comfortable! At the same time, you realize that they need some serious cleaning up, in order to maintain their look and to prevent them from wearing out quicker than you’d like. It is time for […]

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How to Keep Your Feet From Sweating in Boots

Most people who wear boots are aware of the problem of your feet sweating in boots. This is a common problem faced by police officers, security guards, soldiers, salesmen and all those who are exposed to prolonged usage of boots in the heat throughout the day. Sweating in the boots can be uncomfortable; it can […]

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Differences between Work Boots and Hiking Boots

Looking for the perfect pair of boots is often not easy. There is a huge variety of boots available in the market which differs in terms of their shapes, sizes, features, colors, brands, etc. How to choose the right pair thus becomes confusing as they all seem relevant and important when choosing the boots. So […]

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