How to Waterproof Your Boots

If you have just purchase a pair of boots and have discovered that they are not waterproof, then you would probably want to either return them, or if you cannot do that, then you would probably want to learn the different ways through which they can be made waterproof.

Most boots are expensive and a good quality one would probably be more expensive, they would then require proper care and maintenance and of course, ways to water proof them so they can last for years to come because we all know good shoes last forever.

Most boots easily gets damaged due as water seeps into them. Prolonged exposure to water can also make them old and damaged before time. When it comes to rain, snow and salt, you really need to take care of your shoes.

How Water Damages Shoes

Water and salt damage completes destroys the quality of good shoes and the life of boots can be greatly cut down if not taken good care. Leather can easily get damaged if there is long exposure to water or dampness. Salt and other chemicals also stain the material of the shoes. Not only does the dampness of water reduces the quality of the shoes but also creates discomfort when you wear them.

How to Waterproof Your Boots

Use a Waterproofing Compound

There is a variety of compounds available in the market through which you can make your shoes water proof.

  • Wax Based Polishes

You can use wax based polishes, which creates a protective layer on top of the boots in addition to adding shine to them. The layer of wax acts as protection against water and salt on top of the shoes.

  • Leather Preservative

You can also use heavy duty leather “preservatives” which also acts as a protective layer on top of the shoes and is better at protecting as its main purpose is to keep the moisture out. These are usually used on top of the wax based polishes as a second coat.

  • Spray on Waterproofing Compounds

You can also use spray on waterproofing compounds which also act as a protective coat on the top of the boots and is more effective than the previous two mentioned.

The key is to make sure whichever form of protective compound you apply on your boots; you do that every time you wear them, with consistency. It is also to use a thicker compound or a leather “conditioner” which is better at keeping the water out.

You can choose any of the above mentioned polishes to make your boots water resistant and this will most definitely prolong their life.

Having said that, it is also important to take care of the shoes to make sure that when they do get exposed to water, make sure you are able to completely dry them as soon as you can and by drawing all moisture out from the boots. Only when the boots are completely dry, then you can continue with your waterproofing regime of using balm, cream, or whichever polish you choose.


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