Info Tutorial: How to Wash Work Boots

So you finally invested in a great pair of boots and you can’t stop wearing them since they are so comfortable! At the same time, you realize that they need some serious cleaning up, in order to maintain their look and to prevent them from wearing out quicker than you’d like.

It is time for you to properly clean them, so you can continue wearing them, (at least till you get a brand new pair of boots again!)

So below are some great tips to help you with cleaning your boots – so clean they’ll look as good as new!

Clean Periodically

Once you start wearing your boots you probably wouldn’t realize when you need the cleaning up until it is too late. So the trick is to start from day one. You do need to clean them every single day – if you do, they’ll not accumulate stubborn dirt. At least once a week, take a brush to wipe off excess dirt from your boots and use a damp cloth to wipe it clean. Always let your leather boots air dry and never leave them near the heat as it will damage the leather.

Info Tutorials How to Wash Work Boots

Clean Immediately

The best bet to make leather boots last is to never let dirt harden on them. Scrubbing might crack the leather, or cause discoloration. The best way is to apply a waterproof lining like a wax or a spray to seal the top coating on your boots that protects their surface. This will give them a long life and will prevent mud and dirt to harden on them.

Don’t Forget the Inside

Wash your boots from the inside out every few months without fail. You need to wash them with a mild shampoo and a damp cloth to scrub clean the inside of your shoes and then wipe it dry with a dry cloth and leave it to air dry. Do wash the insole of the shoes if they are removable. It is only a matter of time that your boots will start stinking if you are wearing them all day long, so if you do not want the foot odor to linger, then you need to start the cleaning process from the beginning.

Use the Washing Machine

If you leather boots have become extremely dirty and tainted, then you might need to consider washing them in the washing machine. If you have decided to do that, make sure you remove laces from your boots, and set the machine at the shortest time setting since you do not want the leather to absorb too much water. Make sure the water is not too hot. Furthermore, you only need to use just a small amount of detergent to clean. Once you are done washing your boots, you can let them air dry in the sun and never use the dryer in the washing machine or it will damage your boots.

Thus, cleaning your boots does not have to be such a major task – if done correctly and from the start, you boots will always remain shiny and new!


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