Irish Setter Man’s Work Boots – 2018 Expert Review

The work wear boots are quite important as you never know where you the need to put your feet on. Especially if you are working on the site, then it is extremely important that you should keep your boots on all the time as you never know where you need to go. The work wears boots should also be from one of the reliable companies as that you can buy the one of the best ones with best durability and comfort.

The Irish setter is one of the best company to rely on the boots. They have a complete range for you to buy the one that can make your feet secure and you will feel comfortable all-day long. They have designed the boots to combat the work conditions and help workers for working efficiently. If you check out the company then you will know that they are the trendsetters. They are in this industry of manufacturing from 1950’s and have been creating the high-quality, durable, long-lasting and quite comfortable boots for the work as well as the casual wears. If you are a hiker, hunter or just an individual who loves adventure than the Irish Setter men’s boots can be one of your choices as they have a big collection exclusively for you to choose upon.

Irish Setter Man’s Work Boots


Features that the Irish Setter Man’s Work Boots offer to its users

  1. Heat-Resistant: The Irish setter has proficiency in designing the soles to make them heat resistant. While working at a place where the temperature is high from normal these shoes can offer you a sense of comfort and you do not need to deal with unlimited sweating or the insulation problems. Their soles are heat resistant and possess the melting temperature of minimum 475 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Material Used: These boots are said to be constructed with red colored leather on the upper side which is quite russet truly trough and also has a much toe with the triple stitching. The sole of the boots is equipped with extra rubber with thick wedges that have the ample traction for the aggressive grip to the respective surfaces. The boots have the laces to tie up and have metal eyelets for you too. The foot bed has the removable polyurethane which is removable and you can use it as per your own comfort. They have a rubber sole and their shaft measures about 5.5 inch from the arch.
  3. Durability: These are one of the work boots that are said to be made up of the durable leather and the wedge sole is extra thick for comfort. But remember they can be worn in harsh condition, but they are not waterproof too. As they are made for the working in rocky condition and you can use them even in terrain conditions. So, do take of these issues before you buy them out as they are good for the people who works in heat and at places that are hard to climb but they can’t withstand extremely difficult conditions. Be ready with them.
  4. Toe: The boots are said to have soft toe and they do meet the standards of ASTM F2892-11. The standards clearly qualify the Electrical Hazard safety standards, which clearly states that they are quite safe to wear while working with electrical components and the shocking possibility.
  5. Trout Brook Leather: The Irish Setter Man’s Work Boots are handc0rafted by famous S.B. Foot Tanning Company. The leather used in the boots is exclusively made by Irish setter brand and is said to be named after Trout Brook, which have their manufacturing unit in Red Wing Minnesota.
  6. Electrical Hazard: The Irish Setter has passed through the standards for the electricity and has designed the footwear to reduce the hazards caused by electricity. The protective heel and sole are made and designed in order to provide the secondary protection from the electrical hazards. They are not recommended to be used in heavy machinery, or at construction sites as they are not made up of the protective features that can withstand these issues.

As the company has the great brand image and that makes them one of the best to deal with and have great brand value as well. The Irish setter has been dealing with the industry of boots for a long time, but these work boots have an issue with ankles which lacks support. These boots are not constructed for the heavy works. Although they have a room for the people with wider feet. And before leaving for the wet conditions do remember they are not waterproof so you need to manage accordingly. As per reviews some of the users have stated that the boots work well even in the rain, but remember the company doesn’t claim the water-resistant feature.


The users have been liking them for years. Some of them state that they are long lasting and are ready to beat all the adverse circumstances. You can place your order through any eCommerce website who is selling them as you can avail various online discounts that are going through them at that point in time. The Irish Setter has experience in making boots for past 100 years and has been giving their people what they want from years. Some of them find the boots as good summer wearable as they are quite breathable and makes you comfortable while working for long hours. But they have also stated that due to their sturdiness they are not considered as one of the best puddle boots.

So, don’t think twice before ordering them. As they have the best quality and comfort you and in addition to the same the best services as well. If you are buying them online, then do check the policies of the website before you place your order with them. It will help you in future. So, once you think of boots, then do look for Irish Setter only as they are the best in the industry.


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