KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Work Boot – 2018 Expert Review

If you are looking for the perfect foot wear to handle a hard day’s work, then these KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Work boots are what you are looking for – made for strength and heavy-duty activities. These should be considered more than just footwear, but more of an instrument to take care of your feet while you work long hours. These boots will keep you energized throughout your work day and help you fight off fatigue and keep your energized.

These boots are the toughest and the most practical work boots you will find if you are looking for serious and hardcore boots. These KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Work Boots take their name from the city Pittsburgh, which is the hub of factories and steel plants and full of hard-working people who perform skilled labor tasks on a daily basis.

Thus, these boots are inspired by such a place and such hard-working people so are designed for rough and tough usages and purposes. Designed with keeping a rough usage in mind, these boots will be there with you no matter what you subject them to.


KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Work Boot


Advanced Protection Components

When it comes to durability, KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Work Boots are the best shoes you will ever find. They have great craftsmanship and built-in features that allow the boots to withstand almost all kind of working environments. They can be long lasting with almost all environments.

Not only are they highly durable and long lasting, but also provide the best kind of protection to your feet. There are various features built into these boots to provide protection especially for hazardous jobs. They offer electrical hazard protection and reflective webbing. Furthermore, the outsole of the boots is oil as well as slip resistant and has a rubber toe guard for added protection.

These boots have a high strength toe region that protects your feet from falling heavy objects or impact. They also give assurance from shocks and provide a better grip to your feet while you wear them. These boots are perfect if you are looking for protection for your feet and durable, heavy-duty footwear.

Waterproof with Metatomical Footbed

These work boots from KEEN also have one of the most important features of being waterproof. They are equipped with Dry’s waterproof technology that provides breathable membranes which promotes the flow of air, but keeps the boots dry. Even if you have to walk through heavy rains or mud holes, you can be sure that you feet will remain dry.

Not only are they waterproof but they are also very comfortable and good looking. Who says work boots which are rugged have to look bad? These boots are definitely eye catching and picture-worthy!

These boots are further equipped with a metatomical footbed design which provides utmost comfort and care to the feet as it contours and cradles the sole of your foot. No work boot is complete without this essential feature!

Spine Support Features

These KEEN boots are very safe to use because of all the protection it gives to the feet so you can focus entirely on your job without any sort of discomfort to your feet. These are ideal for all sorts of outdoor labor. These boots meet all the safety requirements which are essential for people from various occupations and jobs like farmers, heavy machinery operators, construction workers, as well as electricians.

Working in such occupations, means dealing with heavy materials and accident prone situations, which may create mishaps or even serious foot injuries. Wearing these boots can be a necessary form of precaution as they offer complete protection. These are especially designed with dual thick EVA and PU inner sole for greater support to the limbs and spine. These boots also interlock with full length and TPU spin plate that provides strength and more adaptability.

Keeping the purpose of safety in mind, these boots are equipped with hydrophobic linings that have two zone flexible and comfort technology for great safety needs. These boots remain one of the best deals for safety purposes not only for your feet but also all the way up to your spine, as they give extreme comfort and grip to your legs.


  • High quality leather
  • Imported
  • Waterproof
  • Dry-lex footwear lining
  • Oil and slip resistant
  • Non marking rubber soles
  • Metatomical footbed design
  • Dual thick EVA and PU inner sole
  • Hydrophobic linings
  • Reflective webbing


Customer Reviews and Conclusion

Whatever line of work that you may be in, these boots by KEEN have got your feet covered. They posses all the features required for good quality work boots. They are durable, long lasting, and offer protection in all aspects.

They are built to last in all situations and designed to withstand extreme hazards and weather. They are waterproof, yet comfortable and good looking. You can wear them every day at your workplace or buy them for specific purposes, perhaps if you are an avid hiker and need the perfect boots for your next climb.

These boots are only available in a single color, which can be considered as a negative point about these shoes. Those people who are highly fashion conscious might consider this as a setback. However, the main purpose of these shoes is to provide support, safety, and protection to the feet and these boots are number one in that. Since they are made of high quality leather they look great even in just one color.

Most customers who have bought these shoes absolutely love them and most consider them as them as a must-have boot if you are living in rugged terrains or working rough jobs, or if you are fond of hiking – these boots are the best. Some customers however, commented that these shoes take some time getting used to. As they are used, they start getting more and more comfortable as the sole adjusts to your feet. Overall, most customers highly recommend these boots and gave them a five star rating.

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