How to Keep Your Feet From Sweating in Boots

Most people who wear boots are aware of the problem of your feet sweating in boots. This is a common problem faced by police officers, security guards, soldiers, salesmen and all those who are exposed to prolonged usage of boots in the heat throughout the day. Sweating in the boots can be uncomfortable; it can cause severe itching and may also lead to bacterial and fungal infections.

It is quite a common issue faced by many people on daily basis, therefore below is a list of ways through which you can greatly reduce this problem and this will teach you how to keep your feet from sweating in the boots.

Wearing absorbent socks

This will greatly protect your feet. However, make sure you change your socks every day and never wear the same pair more than once. You can wear cotton or anti bacterial socks.

Anti bacterial or anti perspiring spray

Applying antibacterial spray on the soles of your feet can really help. Even though it is used for the under arms, it works the same way to protect your feet from smelling and sweating.

How to Keep Your Feet From Sweating in Boots

Use powder on your shoes

Putting foot powder on the inside of your boots will also help a great deal. Foot powder contains talcum powder as well as baking soda which help to control odor and sweat.

Clean your boots

Cleaning your shoes every time you wear them and letting them dry is another way reducing this issue. If you have more than one pair of boots, wear each alternatively.

Choose the right boots

Most of the times, the waterproof boots are usually the thick ones which make your feet sweat the most. So if you can and there is no need for the waterproof boots then use another type instead and forego the waterproof ones.

Clean your feet

Always make sure you clean and scrub your feet properly with anti bacterial soap and dry them every single day if you are used to wearing boots for long hours daily.

Let your feet breathe

Whenever you can, always let your feet breathe and there is nothing like it. If you take your boots off (whenever you can) at least two to three times a day, this will give them time to dry and cool off.

Other ways

You can use alcohol gels and formaldehyde on your feet before wearing your shoes, which greatly reduces sweating for a few hours.

It is very important to be comfortable in your pair of boots that you spend the entire day in. Not only is it irritating as well as embarrassing to have sweaty and eventually smelly feet, but it can also cause foot diseases and fungal infections. It is thus very important to make sure your feet are dry and you are maintaining your foot hygiene.

If you really do not have a choice and have to wear working boots throughout the day and the above mentioned tips should greatly your problem of how to keep your feet from sweating in boots.


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