Timberland PRO Men’s Rigmaster – 2018 Expert Review

Have you ever thought of having a ringmaster boot, is it exciting for you to wear a rough and tough shoe like him?

One thing that is common with their shoes and your desired ones is that you also want a long lasting and comfortable one. And if you are looking for a dry fit in extremely hot conditions and your strut to be sturdier than you are at the right place as we are here to tell you in detail about one of the best available ringmaster shoes known by the name Timberland Pro.

The boots are equipped with Titan steel shaped toe and are fully waterproof to be used in any harsh weather conditions. They have everything that you can dream for in your boots ranging from thin lining to the comfort features. You do not need to worry about them in any weather as they have the protective layer for you in winters which can withstand lower temperatures, summers they will keep your feet dry and stay away from sweating and in rainy season too you can face heavy rains too. They are made up of the latest technology that have the capability to check out harsh weathers and can able to withstand body odor too. And they are the best on giving their users what they want as they know how to keep up with industry trends. Let’s know more about the uniqueness of Timberland Pro Ringmaster boots.

Timberland PRO Men’s Rigmaster Boots


Let’s have a look at their detailed Timberland Pro Ringmaster boots below:

  • Durability: The respective boots can withstand various harsh weather conditions. After various months of buying them out, they still can hold up and lasts various years. The leather attached is abrasion resistant and have settled to prevent any wear and tears. The Timberland is known for its durable shoes and has been delivering the industry one of the best since they are launched in 1973. They are one of the global players in designing, marketing and engineering the various premium footwears. And when comes the time of the durability of the Timberland Pro Ringmaster boots then they are one of the best in displaying their features and their reliability through them. Their all the collection is quite good and you can pick anyone from blind eyes.
  • Comfort: The Timberland Pro Men’s Ringmaster boots are quite comfortable to wear and are designed to stand for long hours all day on your feet. The Anti-fatigue technology have been incorporated, which is used to absorb the shocks that can be caused by various hard surfaces. These boots have conical midsole and have inverted cones attached that can collapse, then bounce back for returning the energy to respective foot. The footbed is equipped with the single density anti-microbial that supports the foot and also prevents the sweating and bad odor too. The boot can relax people with the back and knee pain as they do have a high heel. They also have adjustable circumference that will create the support that for your feet you aim for.
  • Usage: These boots are made especially for men who works in extremely harsh conditions and require extra precautions to be taken and protection too. The people who work as an oil rigger, cable installers, line workers, etc for them these boots serve as a boon. The steel toes installed for Electrical Hazard Protection can keep your feet free from getting any injury. The shoes are equipped with superior tractions and tight grip which can allow to work freely and without worrying about any slipping issues with them.
  • Protection: The boots are for the protection of the feet as the users can stand without any issues in harsh weather conditions. The feet should not hurt you as it is your lifeline, and if there is any kind of itching while working then definitely you will not be at ease. The feet have a steel toe that is said to meet ASTM & ANSI standards, an outsole with slip resistant features, employed with abrasion resistant technology and aggressive grip. The Timberland boots are equipped with waterproof leather and have a membrane to make your feet comfortable and dry. They have a high shaft of “7.75” from arch so that ample flexibility and support can be provided for the feet.



The users have felt some issues with the toe sizes and at a time the cramps and the size went narrowly with time. If you have bought them online, then it is suggested that you should return them if you find any issues related to the sizing. But don’t wait to take any action and deal with the same immediately as you should know that the return policy period with the boots was also quite limited by them. They are readily available online through various websites like Amazon, but do check out the reviews and the respective policy before you place your order with them. As this will help you in long term basis.

Apart from some minor difference, the users have found the boots working quite well and they have posted their positive feedbacks too. They find them withstanding all the harsh conditions and being in good shape after months of buying too. Some of them have picked them the second time as well due to their best performance. They find them comfortable enough to wear during summers and have room for the woollen socks for feet quite comfortably in winters too. So, do check your size in the chart before you place your order and once you find them fault do opt for an immediate return.

They are one of the best boots available nowadays to be worn in any work conditions and if you are looking for a perfect match for your vacation then they can serve as one for you. So, don’t worry about the quality as the company has set their standards in the industry for years and they are said to have recognition in the coming years by passing various milestones in creating wonders with quality footwear.

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