Top 10 Work Boots – Reviews and Buying Guide for 2018

Most of us give immense importance to the kind of shoes we wear in our everyday life. Sadly, the same cannot be said about work shoes. While this might not matter in some jobs, in others, the type of footwear you wear not only governs the comfort you should expect when on the job but also ensures safety.

It is not wise to leave it to the employer to make the work environment as safe as possible. It is equally crucial for you to equip yourself with tools that will guarantee your safety.

At the end of the day, if unfortunate accidents do occur, you will be the who will end up suffering. Hence, make sure that you choose from the best work boots available in the market.

Top 10 Work Boots Review and Buying Guide

Why Invest in Work Boots?

You might wonder, why should you invest in work boots rather than choosing any appropriate looking footwear from the market? Here are two of the major reasons why getting yourself a pair of work boots holds immense importance.

Prevention of Injuries

Regardless of whether you have an office job or one which requires field visits, the part of your body which might come in use the most is your foot. This is the part that is most prone to getting injured.

In the USA alone, about 100,000 of the total workplace injuries comprise of foot injuries. This is a grave statistic when you consider that this statistic is only concentrated in one country and that too where the working conditions are much better than those of less developed countries.

Therefore, there is an underlying need for purchasing work boots to ensure that your feet are protected from injuries as minor as blisters and as serious as fractures.

Enhanced Image

Apart from the obvious factor of security, another reason why you should consider purchasing work boots is that it enhances your appearance. Ask any employee, and they will tell you that personal appearance matters in all sorts of jobs.

It is important to dress the part and groom yourself as per the requirements of the job. Choosing the best and most appropriate footwear is also part of this grooming process.

It is integral for you to ensure that your shoes, along with the rest of your accessories, allow you to showcase a professional image to your peers and bosses.

Top 10 Work Boots Buying Guide

How to Select the Best Work Boots?

Now that we have converted you into believing that work boots should be incorporated into your attire, the next question you should ask yourself is, how do you go about the purchasing process?

After all, the market is full of options when it comes to footwear, both work and casual. While there is an array of options to choose from, this does not necessarily mean that these choices are all worth your hard-earned money.

Rather than choosing just any work boot, here are some of the factors that you should consider to make sure you pick the best item from a sea of choices.

Analyze Your Job

Different occupations have different requirements when it comes to safety footwear. Those of you who have jobs that require you to be sedentary throughout the day will have different requirement than someone who is an artisan or an industrial employee.

Before you pay a visit to the shoe store, you should consider talking to your HR manager and ask them about the extent of safety measures your job entails. This will allow you to sift through various safety features and pick a work boot that best complements your work environment.


It doesn’t matter what product you are buying; as a customer, you wish for durability and robustness in all of them. After all, no one has the time or money to make unnecessary visits to the market every time a given footwear succumbs to injuries.

Since work boots are something that you will have to wear for a significant portion of the day, the chances of them undergoing wear and tear are much higher than the shoes you wear for informal occasions. The probability further increases when you consider the harsh working environment of some jobs.

With such harsh conditions, you need to have work boots that have it in them to withstand the adversities of time. Thereby, make sure that the product you choose is made from a material that is known to last. You can also peruse reviews of customers to know whether a given brand truly lives up to its claim of longevity.

Safety Toes

Anyone who has to wear shoes for more than a few hours will relate to the pain and annoyance most shoes tend to cause to toes. They are the most common areas where blisters are exhibited after prolonged use of work boots.

For this reason, most work boots are equipped with various types of safety toes. However, these protective toes may vary in terms of construction and material used. Shoes that are ideal for you will, thereby, depend on what your job needs are. Based on your requirements, you can select from steel, composite and aluminum safety toes.

While steel protective toes are on the bulkier side of the spectrum, those of you who require footwear that is lightweight should opt for a product which is accompanied with aluminum parts.

Perfect Fit

Don’t merely choose a product by considering the various features it provides. You also need to make sure you feel comfortable after putting the work boot on.

This is because all of the excellent features of the product will boil down to nothing if you exhibit abrasions and sores owing to misfit and uncomfortable boots. Unlike leather items that tend to adjust to the shape of your foot, a steel protective toe boot will not do so. Hence, if you purchase a size which is too small, you will be in trouble.

Read Reviews

One of the best ways via which you can make sure that a given product succeeds in delivering what it promises is by perusing reviews of customers. It is not wise to rely on product descriptions and claims of salespeople.

Those who have actually used a given product are at a much better position to provide you with the information you need. While you can learn about safety features from the brand as well, queries about customer support, quality, and aftersales support are something that you can learn only through user experience.

Recommended Products

Are you worried about choosing the perfect work boot for your job? Do you feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of picking the ideal product?

Don’t worry. We are here to provide you with reviews on some of the best work boots that are available in the market for you to choose from.

#10. Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boots

Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work BootsCaterpillar has succeeded in leaving its mark in the shoe industry, and these work boots manage to uphold its legacy of providing quality products.

Main Features

These boots are made from leather which provides them with a little stretch ability craved by the masses. The rubber sole included are good enough to prevent slippage and to ensure stability.

One of the major concerns of users is that boots tend to get too hot and uncomfortable. However, we found that those steel toe work boots managed to offer ventilation and no temperature retention to its users.

This feature is ensured by the use of Climasphere lining that not only plays an integral part in making sure that the temperature within the boot is regulated, but it also guarantees that your feet remain cool throughout the day. Hence, the chances of you suffering from blisters are significantly reduced.

Moreover, the boots are made to be ANSI approved which makes it an ideal choice for electricians and construction workers. This is because the footwear provides protection against open circuits and, hence, is bound to keep you safe from electric shocks.

We found the safety functions of the boots to be exemplary. The fact that the height of the boot is big enough to protect not only your feet but also your ankle makes this product one of the best boots to have on if you ever undergo an accident.

The laces of the boots are made to be adjustable. This provides customers with the autonomy to adjust the fit of the product as per their comfort. This feature of providing comfort was further enhanced by the inclusion of a spacious front part of the shoe.


They are highly durable.

The work boots manage to be stylish as well as safe to use.

Considering the fact that they are steel toes, the product is quite lightweight.


Width-wise, the shoes might be too tight for many.


We found the Caterpillar Men’s Work Boot to be a great choice owing to the inclusion of quality outsoles and a sturdy design. Those of you who are prone to slipping may find these work boots to be a satisfactory choice.


#9. Under Armor Men’s Stellar Tactical Boots

Under Armor Men’s Stellar Tactical BootsThose of you who value comfort above any other characteristic might find these tactical police work boots to be a worthy addition to your workplace footwear collection.

Main Features

The first thing that we noticed about these boots was the fact that they the quality of the leather included in the construction is premium. This may be due to the fact that it is made out of DWR treated leather which makes sure that the leather and, hence, the product lasts a long time.

When it comes to construction, the leather is not the only thing that draws our attention. On top of this material, the boots are also equipped with 900D nylon upper which means that regardless of how long you keep the boots on, you will not experience any discomfort.

The manufacturer has also paid heed to the customers’ demand for shoes that are presentable. For this reason, the toe area of the product can be polished. This gives the product an elegant and sophisticated look which is craved by the masses.

The brand takes this offer further up a notch by delivering boots that are easy to clean. This is achieved by the quick-drying nature of the shoes which translates to enhanced convenience.


The lug sole aids in preventing against sliding.

The safety provided is enhanced by the inclusion of a molded EVA midsole.

The boots are both light and sturdy.

The various sizes of the boots are said to be a perfect fit for users.


The process of getting the shoes on and off is a hassle.

When taken out of the box, the work boots are very stiff.


While these safety boots do exhibit a few flaws, it is safe to say that the product manages to offer various features to its customers. You might want to choose this product if you don’t mind the initial stiffness.


#8. Timberland Pro Men’s Direct Attach Six-Inch Soft Toe Boot

Timberland Pro Men’s Direct Attach Six-Inch Soft Toe BootTimberland is yet another brand that manages to offer customers work boots which are both sturdy and affordable.

Main Features

It is common to find boots that get either too hot or too cold. This makes them unbearable to wear under extreme temperatures. Timberland Pro Men’s has been successful in avoiding this issue altogether.

The lack of heat retention in the product is achieved with the help of tremolite insulation which aids in maintaining the right temperature. Hence, you can rest assured that your feet will neither get too hot nor freeze when you work outside in harsh weather conditions.

The toe area is made to be soft to make sure that the product is as comfortable as possible. Not only does it provide users with the comfort that they desire, but it also guarantees to last long. This claim finds authentication in the fact that the design of the product is seam-sealed which enhances the lifespan of the work boots.

If you live in an area which is marked by frequent rainfall and your job requires you to be on the field, you will find the fact that these work boots are waterproof to be an excellent feature.

Furthermore, the rugged nature of its exterior makes the product usable on landscapes that are marked by rocky terrains. We found that the added paddle collars help protect not only the feet but also the ankles.


The insulation provided by the boots are excellent.

The sturdiness of the product allows it to provide stability to users.

The quality of the work boots is exemplary.

The robust construction aids in enhancing the life of the footwear.


The quality of the boots can be improved.

While the shoes are quite durable, there are many other options which last longer than Timberland.

The waterproof feature of the product leads to a lack of breathability.


When you consider the price of the shoes, it is safe to say that the product has been able to deliver various advantages and might be worth the investment.


#7. Kingshow Men’s 1336 Boots

Kingshow Men’s 1336 BootsSometimes, simplicity is key. Many customers wish for such sophistication in their books. This is the niche which Kingshow is targeting with its 1336 boots.

Main Features

While some might find the design of this product to be too boring and simple, we found it to be the perfect blend of sophistication and luxury. This means that anyone can pull off these boots, regardless of age or gender.

This simple yet royal feel of the product has been achieved by the inclusion of a premium leather known as nubuck. We found this leather to last long as well as look great.

The product is made to be water resistant. This means that the shoes can be used on rainy days without you having to deal with soaked feet at the end of the day. The fact that the outsole of the work boots is resistant to oil allows these boots to be ideal for those who work in oil refineries or in proximity to oil.

Some might find the bulkiness of the shoes to be a flaw of the product. However, we appreciated this characteristic owing to the sturdiness it brought to the table. This robustness, in turn, leads to improved safety.


These boots are highly comfortable.

The ankle and arch support offered by the boots are commendable.

We found it to be a perfect fit.


The sole of the product is made of rubber and make the shoes slippery.

The protection provided is of sub-par quality.

The color of the boots faded away quite quickly and undermined the aesthetic advantages.


The disadvantages of using the product cannot be ignored. However, this does not mean that the advantages of using the boots have been overshadowed. Those of you who can work around the flaws will find the comfort provided to be a value-adding feature.


#6. ATAC 8-Inch 5.11 Boot

ATAC 8-Inch 5.11 BootAre you a part of the law enforcement agency or the military? If so, these boots might be ideal for you since they are manufactured to meet the standards of such professions.

Main Features

The first thing that we noticed when taking the product out of the box was how polished the exterior of the boots was. This feature is provided by the addition of full grain leather in the construction of the shoes. This inclusion also aids in making the boots sturdy, which is a characteristic necessary for those belonging to the military.

The upper portion of the shoes is made in a way to make sure the boots remain breathable even after prolonged use. The improved insulation is provided by the midsole which is injected with molded Phylon.

The manufacturers also realize that such jobs require agility and high responsiveness. Therefore, the boots include a shock mitigation system that is resistant to both oil and slippage. Both of these resistant qualities ensure that the shoes do not act as a hindrance against speed.

Furthermore, the anti-bacterial lining added in the boots means that the product offers safety not only against accidents but also against diseases and blisters. When it comes to safety against accidents, ATAC has you covered with the help of its cushioned insole.


The enhanced strength of the boots makes it ideal for tough working conditions.

It succeeds in supporting your entire foot along with your ankles.

The product is comfortable enough to be used for an extended time.


The ankles are too narrow and, therefore, renders the shoes unusable by some customers.

It is not durable.


Those of you who don’t wish for longevity might find that the issues that the boots exhibit can be ignored. The fact remains that until the product remains in use, it provides excellent performance.


#5. Wolverine Men’s W02421 Raider Boots

Wolverine Men’s W02421 Raider BootsA major downside of wearing work boots is that most of them are not aesthetically pleasing to look at. This Wolverine boot is an exception to that rule since it manages to provide both functionality and style.

Main Features

There are various features which allow this product to stand out from a sea of competitors. We found that the best of these characteristics was the MultiShox technology embedded in these boots. This allows both the insole and outsole to provide maximum support to users.

While the insole cushions your feet and, thereby, guarantees your comfort, the outsole absorbs shocks, making sure that your feet are protected at all times. This insole is removable as well, which makes cleaning it a piece of cake.

Since boots that you wear to work are likely to stay on for long stretches, choosing shoes that are not breathable can lead to the occurrences of blisters and sore feet. This product comes with a breathable lining which protects you from such instances.

We found the included comfort system to be commendable. It provides its service with the help of compression pads present in the heel of the shoes. They work by absorbing shock and returning energy, hence offering you the maximum amount of comfort possible.

Much-needed functions like flexibility and foot support are deeply rooted in the product with the help of its Contour Welt construction. Therefore, whether it be comfort or sturdiness, these boots are equipped with most of the required features.


The construction of the boots is of high quality.

The price is affordable.

It is ideal for those whose job entails standing on concrete surfaces – it’s hard to find better work boots for concrete.

It is equipped with enhanced support and comfort.


We found a presence of a crease at the end of the laces.

Some might find the shoes to be too narrow from the front.


If you value comfort and affordability above all, you might find these shoes to be perfect for work. The security provided can be improved but is not of sub-par quality.


#4. Keen Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot

Keen Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work BootWhen it comes to delivering a safe yet comfortable footwear for work, we found that few did a better job than Keen Utility.

Main Features

The manufacturers of this product have taken it upon themselves to provide their customers with work boots that meet the desired criteria for safety to the tee. This has been achieved with the help of an array of additions like the reflective webbing.

The reflecting webbing works with the EVA midsole to deliver a protective feature that is hard to compete against. Not only does the work boot absorb shock, but it also shields its users from compression.

Additionally, the rubber outsoles play a role in preventing slippage from both oil and water. This resistance to the two liquids means that the boot can be used by those who are exposed to these items for the most part of the day.

The product includes a steel toe which is accompanied by a patented protection. This unique technology not only ensures that your toes are safe from harm, but it also ensures that your feet have enough room in the boots to move around a bit without it being too spacious.

We also found the boots to be immensely comfortable, just like many other products on this list. This was guaranteed by the Metatomical footbed design that cushions your feet, rendering you to be capable of working for long hours without complaints of foot aches.


We found the product to be comfortable for as long as 12-hour shifts.

It is equipped with all the required safety features ranging from electric shock protection and shock absorption.

The resistance to water prevents slipping.

It fitted us perfectly and is known to be a good fit regardless of what size you opt for.


The leather of the product is too soft and, hence, not durable.

The laces are too long.


It is true that the boots can do better when it comes to style and convenience. However, since work boots are mainly worn for safety, we found that Keen Utility managed to provide the needed features.


#3. Dr. Martens Ironbridge Safety Toe Boot

Dr. Martens Ironbridge Safety Toe BootStrength, stability and durability. These are our three takeaways from Dr. Martens Safety Toe Boots. We found it to be the complete package.

Main Features

Work boots which cannot provide you with stability on the field are not worth much. After all, what good is any safety feature if the given shoes keep slipping and keep asking for trouble? The one thing these boots do not do is specifically this.

The outsole is constructed from a material which is both slip- and oil-resistant. This decreases the chances of accidents on the job and, hence, lets the users enjoy their work without having to worry about maintaining stability.

The durability of the product is guaranteed by the technology of heat sealing the outsoles. This makes sure that the outsoles last long enough and do not succumb to damage after being exposed to rough working conditions.

Its compatibility with the rugged landscape is what makes these boots worth the investment. The tread design of the product helps provide this ability of the boots to embark on long journeys without it taking a toll on your feet.

The foot bed of the work boots is packed with padded material that delivers a soft support to both your toes and your heels. This makes sure that your feet are as comfortable as possible. Another feature that ensures this is the moisture-wicking lining that keeps your feet dry by providing the essential breathability.


The product has the ability to retain its key features after prolonged use.

It is ideal for rigorous outdoorsy jobs.

We found that the boots provided complete protection against instances of stepping on nails and pointy objects.


The boots are narrow and might give off a squishy feeling.

They are on the bulky side of the spectrum.


We were able to overlook the heavy weight of the boots owing to its ability to provide both comfort and safety. It is difficult to come across boots that have all the needed features, and this product comes close to it.


#2. Timberland Pro Men’s Titan Safety-Toe Boot

Timberland Pro Men’s Titan Safety-Toe BootTimberland makes yet another appearance on this list, and this is because of the fact that many of its work boots manage to hit the mark.

Main Features

We chose to try this product mainly due to the 30-day comfort guarantee. Very few bands that deliver boots for workplaces tend to offer such warranties, and we thought that this said a lot about the aftersales support as well as the quality of the boots.

After using the product, we can safely say that we were not disappointed with its offer. These Timberland boots are both safe and convenient to use. The latter is ensured by the fact that the product is quite lightweight and, hence, usable for an array of purposes rather than just being limited to the office.

It features a leather which is marked by quality and softness. Hence, you can rest assured that your feet will not experience discomfort. Moreover, since the leather is of full-grain material, it tends to stretch a bit after a few uses which further enhance the comfort provided.

Since shoes that you wear to work are worn for extended periods every day, there is a persistence of an odor in most shoes that refuse to go away. This product comes with an antimicrobial lining that makes sure that no unpleasant smell lingers. This is further ensured by the presence of a breathable mesh which keeps the shoes well ventilated.


The quality is satisfactory.

They are not stiff when taken out the box.

The boots are ideal for those who have wide feet.


They are slippery on snow and, hence, not the best choice for those who live in cold places.


When it comes to quality, only a few products can match the standards set by Timberland boots. While the price may be premium, it is worth it.


#1. Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force 8-Inch Military Work Boots

Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force 8-Inch Military Work BootsThe rugged construction of Maelstrom boots makes them the ideal choice for military personnel.

Main Features

These boots are very light which allows users to move as swiftly as they want. Since law enforcement requires such speed and agility, we found this product to be perfect for such occupations.

The inclusion of a zip rather than laces is praiseworthy. This is because it makes the process of putting the shoes on and off to be a hassle-free task. Not to mention the fact that you no longer need to worry about your laces untying when you are working.

The lining is breathable in nature, while the exterior is made to be resistant to water. Hence, the product ensures that your feet remain dry throughout the day.


The boots have a satisfactory amount of traction.

The zipper is of excellent quality and does not get jammed like many other shoes’ zippers.

It provides support as well as comfort.


The fitting loosens up with time.


Those of you who wish to leave the inconvenient aspects of work boots behind might find these shoes to be an excellent addition.



All in all, there are various quality work boots available in the market. It is difficult to pick which one is universally the best since different products serve to be ideal for different purposes.

However, when it comes to providing enhanced safety, we found Keen Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot to be an excellent choice owing to the wide variety of features, which include ensuring the safety of its users.

You are free to choose whichever product you wish, but make sure you pick wisely.

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